Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rep's wiener under more pressure

the pressure is building... and you knew it was coming!
"House Democrats are stepping up their calls to embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner to resign from Congress, saying the New Yorker's sexually charged contact with women on the Internet and lies to cover up the scandal are a distraction.
Rank-and-file Democrats such as Niki Tsongas of Massachusetts, Larry Kissell of North Carolina and Mike Ross of Arkansas have added their names to the growing list of Democrats calling on Weiner to resign.
'Enough is enough,' said Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., who is running for the U.S. Senate. 'It's time for Congressman Weiner to resign. Everyone should be focused on jobs and the economy and his refusal to do the right thing is a distraction.'"
the congressman has had his off-duty sexual dalliances sliced and diced by a media establishment that is hopeless when it comes to weightier matters. so it seeks out every 'ho that ever sucked a politico's ding-dong and prints pictures of the blonde, breast-augmented bimbos to build click counts among the terminally bored american public.

when you've maxed out the credit card, you have to get your by golly jollies somewhere else, right bubba?

i especially like congressman donnelly's comment above, about how everyone ought to be focused on "jobs and the economy" right now... which jobs would they be, congressman, if not blow jobs in back alleys? how easily the big wheels in DC forget the little guys out here scratching out a living like chickens in the back yard.

little anthony and his wiener got under a lot of pressure, until it felt like it might EXPLODE! what could little anthony do but tweet to twits about his bursting shorts? a man has NEEDS, especially a vigorous young man like little anthony.

as obsessed as we are collectively -- not only as a nation, but world-wide -- about sexual matters, how can we honestly expect that these guys don't want and need to GET OFF every now and then? and under all the pressures of the US political system, constantly having to bend over and take it to get those corporate campaign contributions, don't we cut these guys some slack when the pressure starts building and they decide to BLOW OFF some steam?

little anthony got caught with his pants on fire, a horny bastard like so many of us, but because he's under the media microscope he has to submit to every indignity of having his sexual preferences hung out on the clothesline for the worldwide neighborhood to gawk at.

we are all a bunch of voyeuristic perverts, and little anthony the pecker is taking the fall for all of us less-than-perfect, posturing pricks.

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