Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Weiner Photos Trickle Out - Weinergate - Fox Nation

i had to go to "fox nation" for my daily emetic, and you know, it really works!

weinergate -- what a marketing orgasm for the headline writers, new weiner photos trickle out...

meanwhile, in arizona, the land of the free -- so long as you're white -- the largest wildfire in the state's history continues to flummox the climate change deniers.

but back to the congressman:
"Dismissing calls by Democratic leaders for him to resign over a sexting scandal, Rep. Anthony Weiner says he's taking a leave of absence and checking himself in for treatment instead.
But as House lawmakers return to Washington to work this week, they are being inundated not only with questions about the New York congressman's online antics, but with more pictures of the congressman in various states of disrobe.
On Sunday, TMZ released 11 new pictures of the congressman, taken from what appears to be the House gym, a background which sets off more questions about the congressman's use of congressional facilities for less than official purposes. The pictures were taken by Weiner using the camera on his phone and a mirror."
besides the guy being a narcissist, there's nothing particularly disturbing about the photos. the fox link to warns "may be offensive," but they've got the market on offensiveness cornered with their "news" coverage -- weiner's got nothing on rupert's gang...

weiner seems to be going through a "mid-life crisis" more than anything. he's aging and knows it, so his response is to flaunt his body in the gym for the little twitter twits who follow his spew. if a 17-year-old is following him, WTF is the problem? at that age, it was once understood, the genie is out of the bottle, and you can't pretend the tart's an innocent. we're all in a state of denial, of course, about our own unwholesome interest in this kind of tawdry bullshit.

when the market finally nosedives and the dollar tanks, and living standards tank for all the morons who couldn't suck up enough FOX sputum, we'll see how high anthony's wiener really ranked in the grand scheme of things.

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