Tuesday, June 7, 2011

class warfare in US politics

in today's USAtoday, we read how "Republican presidential hopeful Tim Pawlenty takes aim at President Obama today, calling the Democrat he wants to defeat a 'major practitioner of class warfare.'"

it would be truly refreshing to hear that someone on the mainstream political scene was pushing for redress of the accelerating trend to economic inequality -- and the evisceration of the middle class.

this the GOP trash talk -- running down the obamanation as a socialist when he's nothing but a tool of his corporate masters. they can talk this shit to the palineolithic faithful, however, since they've already been indoctrinated to believe that there's a vast army of negroes and mexicans living a life of leisure while poor working crackers foot the bill.

GOP leaders in congress are on board with this silly talk, running down the unemployed and broke as lazy parasites sucking the government titty. while there are granted some of the above, they are vastly outnumbered by people scrambling just to get by -- while falling further behind every month. this is just a libel against those who are not well off, primarily by those who are better off, if just barely.

that, in a nutshell, is the true class warfare in the US, and its promoted by a cynical, billionaire-loving GOP establishment. it pits the people who have their heads barely above water against those who are going under.

great strategy. funny thing is, yahoo nation thinks it's in the winning class, being besieged by all the dark-skinned losers and social parasites... so they buy into the billionaires' war on the working classes, ensuring that by the time they're also desperate for government assisstance, none will be available.

ain't it rich?

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