Thursday, June 9, 2011

Arizona Wallow Fire is god's revenge

i had to click away from the "christian post" as quickly as i could. the continuous ads from yahoo and HBO touting a lifestyle and values i don't share was more than i could endure. i did, however, find the obligatory quote that the raging conflagration is "in god's hands" before signing off...

seems as though, whether god's involved or not, that things are getting kind of sticky in arizona about now... the firestorm is making its way toward essential infrastructure -- in the form of power lines -- that provide the lights and AC for about 350,000 homes out there in the desert. man conquers the environment my ass! if the weather doesn't cooperate, all bets are off:
"Texas-based power company El Paso Electric has issued warnings of possible power interruptions across southern New Mexico and West Texas. It is feared that two high voltage lines used to bring electricity from the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station west of Phoenix to the two states is at risk. If the fire does bring these lines down is estimated about 40 percent of the company’s supply would be lost, which could cause rolling blackouts for up to 372,000 customers."
why not play the christian right's game? these are the same folks who dismiss climate change as a commie plot against american free enterprise, and who persecute migrants escaping the effects of "free trade" agreements so beloved by "conservatives." they're the folks who, at every turn, are making a spectacle of their "values," and who now count sarah palin as a neighbor!

so let's consider this as god's judgement against arizonans! it's not because they persecute the weak and make a spectacle of their regressive social values, it's because THEY AREN'T HATEFUL ENOUGH!

that's right. this is god's judgement against you people: that you aren't retarded enough -- yet. keep working on it, guys. or else the lord is gonna get ya!

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