Monday, June 6, 2011

Clinton meets Israeli, Palestinian "peace envoys" ?

according to our buddies at rooty-toot reuters news, best pal of all the world's dictators, hillary clinton, went on the warpath for peace in the mid-east. or something like that:
(Reuters) - Secretary of State Hillary Clinton held separate meetings with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators on Monday as the United States seeks to find a way to revive moribund peace talks.
Clinton also met visiting French Foreign Minister Alain Juppe -- who launched a separate bid to start talks -- but said it was too early to consider a proposed Paris conference because neither side appeared willing to talk despite a looming September showdown over Palestinian statehood at the United Nations.
'We strongly support a return to negotiations, but we do not think that it would be productive for there to be a conference about returning to negotiations,' Clinton told reporters.
funny thing about this story -- and about the entire hapless, hopeless exercise -- is that there is no "peace process", just a bunch of posturing and meaningless blather. what is totally absent is any talk of negotiating a settlement -- and hence there are no peace envoys to speak of.

mahmoud abbas is the most pitiful, compromised bastard imaginable. of course, he represents the side in the conflict that is reduced to fighting off tanks and jet fighters with slingshots and bottle rockets, so he really has not much leverage. if the moral high ground had any meaning in the world these days, of course, that would really be something. but then, the palestinians would have a more inspiring leader, too...

on the other side, we have the israeli leader, benny netenyahoo, who is too busy trying to draw the US into a shooting war with the iranians to really pay much attention to the palestinians. he may be a little anxious, with all the upheaval in the MENA countries, but first things first. he knows he's got a first-rate patsy in the wipe house, who one way or another will be flim-flammed into fighting benny's war with the mullahs, so it's full speed ahead.

this situation will play itself out eventually, of course, when the US digs itself into a hole it can't get itself out of... and good luck with our good buddies in likud helping uncle sam outta that one!


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