Thursday, May 26, 2011

the shrill, the squeaky and the obnoxious

sarah palin is crawling out of her hole -- after the furor over the giffords shooting has subsided a bit -- and feels the stirring inside, the fire in the belly, and the hand of god, all pushing her to run for the presidency. so she's started an exploratory campaign, where she's carrying her sorry ass on a cross-country bus tour to reconnect with her roots with the brainless, deep in the intellectually disconnected hinterlands. mercy me, her exploratory rhetoric makes me feel violated, like she's sticking a giant proboscis up my ass.

have you by any chance looked up palingenesis? (it's not parthenogenesis, as the spell checker suggests.) if you truly believe that there are strange forces at work in the universe, or that people sit on the stars and guide the planets -- as some of my neighbors actually believed when i was growing up -- then you probably have reason to fear the rise of the great palin.

sarah has to hit the road, of course, after having bought a nearly $2 million home in arizona... yep, that's going to be the nerve center of sarah's thrust to ram a thick rod of heavenly indignation right up america's poop-chute. she's going to give the national psyche a good reaming while the pickings are good.... there's nothing between sarah palin and even bigger paydays to come than a tragic faceoff against barack obama in the 2012 election. sarah may even be able to command her army of zombies to kill the negro! and find them all so stoked up by hannity and beck and o'reilly and limbaugh that they make night of the living dead look like prom night at the town high school.

speaking of the criminally insane, how 'bout our old boy jared lee loughner? if there was anyone to crucify, it was this guy, who by his impulsive behavior almost derailed the palin express. this miscreant pothead with leftish misleanings, who took the bulls-eye on gabrielle giffords literally -- i mean, who could have predicted??? -- and tried to cap the girl down at the safeway, almost robbed america of its destiny. but now that he's been judged incompetent to participate in his own defense, he automatically becomes a poster boy for how the left-wing ACLU lobby has destroyed everything good america ever stood for! sarah palin can proudly step up and claim the mantle of defender of the faith in the constitution and the american way! bring on superman, chairman of her campaign for truth, justice and the american way...

the truth about old jared is that he slipped the surly bonds of sanity a long time ago, and flew off the proverbial hinges while the rest of us where watching the conclusion of dancing with the numbnuts. loughner just sat mute in the courtroom, rocking and staring into that space behind his eyeballs. then he made an outburst and the judge removed him from the courtroom. when the judge asked if he'd like to return, he said he'd rather not. this guy was judged by two professionals to be a delusional schizophrenic, not able to assist in his own defense. frankly, under the circumstances i find that conclusion hard to argue against.

and yet, in the comments section following the story on, there was such a thirst for blood and murder that you could easily conclude that this society is dedicated to the production of blood-thirsty killers. even those who express outrage at killing were shouting at the tops of their lungs for more killing -- most without even the pretense of a trial or any kind of due process. of course, this is also the position of barack obama and his administration -- who believe that they have the legal and moral authority to sentence american citizens to death on only the president's say-so. to say nothing of our brave fightin' men who control the video-game murders of countless innocents via remote-controlled instruments of death like our pilotless drones (pilotless implies no human agency, no culpability for murder). its the same sort of robotic killing machine that loughner became, and the same furious energy that palin inspired in 2008 when the mindless patriots of her movement were gungho to kill her opponent for not being sufficiently white or right. and yet he himself turns out to be just as savage in his disregard for human life (not innocent human life, in the gw bush formulation, presumably).

winky, binky and stinky all come down the line...

dick cheney says he would eat paul ryan's turds off the ground the man walks on. he's so in love with the guy who proposes to dismantle the social programs upon which the elderly barely survive upon. natch, he's got all that money from the revolving door hitting his ass on the way out... pentagon, halliburton, white house, board of directors... call me when the find a donor for his heart transplant, which will surely be paid by the taxpayers...

fart for truth, fart for victory! remember the troops on memorial day! they sacrificed so much so you can bury your face in a bowl of potato salad!

fuck it. i'm tired.

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