Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Palin: running on empty

"Sarah Palin is going rogue again. Want to cover the potential Republican presidential candidate? Better bring your running shoes.
Unlike most carefully choreographed presidential campaigns that routinely release detailed candidate schedules, Palin's staff is keeping most of the national news media in the dark about her political action committee's bus tour this week.
The result is a chaotic game of cat and mouse, with the media frantically chasing the 2008 vice presidential candidate from one stop to the next." --CNN.com

sarah palin seems to have found the right recipe to bolster her flagging career: make reporters chase her -- like a big white rabbit.

seems like the usual quid quo pro of the political circcuit rider, where candidate feeds stories to reporters in exchange for coverage in their papers/broadcasts, has been ditched by the palin "campaign". the usual give and take, where reporters ask questions and the candidate answers with campaign talking points, is inadequate for getting palin's message out.

instead, we are treated to an insane rabbit hunt, with the playmate bunny of the GOP right-wing fringe takes her media cadre over the river and through the woods to the next stop of sarah's "party of one" tour.

the ingénue of FOX news is so lacking in any newsworthiness or gravitas that she's forced to manufacture interest by this crack-brained concocted publicity stunt -- catch me if you can, motherfuckers!

palin has made a lucrative career of "going rogue," since she failed as a vice-presidential candidate in 2008, and bailed as governor of alaska shortly thereafter. she's since starred in a reality TV series, ghost-written a best-selling novel loosely based on her "life," and become known as a twit for tweets, all the while being daddy rupert's $10 million plaything on POX.

palin is a rogue, all right, and a hot commodity for those pimping her to brain-dead farts who confuse television with reality. for palin, however, that confusion is bankable, as is this silly "chase scene" -- because sarah plays to the only audience that takes her seriously, the one in the cheap seats that thinks an inflatable sex-doll candidate can actually function in an unscripted role.

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