Friday, May 20, 2011

can you even stand this BS?

the israeli PR machine is in high gear today, and US-zionist relations are at the "crisis" point after the Milquetoast obama's declaration in his speech yesterday that israeli should seek a settlement with the palestinians within the "1967 borders."

netenyahu is quite the showman when it comes to humiliating obama. when the US hoped to entice the israelis to suspend settlement construction around jerusalem last year -- in exchange for hefty inducements in terms of juicy giveaways of new military hardware with which to intimidate iran -- netenyahu responded by announcing more settlements, even as joe biden was winging in to celebrate the renewed spirit of negotiations.

so much for that old optimism shit. the rest of the world sees what the US is not prepared to view: that israel is in impediment to a solution to peace in the region, and that the US is not an honest broker between the two sides. broker should read broken: as in broken promises, and broken-down piece of shit. after all, the world's only remaining "superpower" is completely hopeless against the whims of its dependent client state, which takes the US' money and spits in the president's face when it comes to making even the most modest, superficial concessions in the interests of saving american face.

at this point, the israelis have proved to be on a mission of territorial expansion and domination of the region, and it uses its muscle-bound but dim-witted benefactor, uncle sam, as its enabler along the road to humiliating the palestinians in particular, and the arab and muslim worlds in general. while there may be a "peace movement" in israel, it is obvious to all who see facts on the ground instead of words in thin air that the israelis are imperialist and colonialists who've learned the magic incantations required to lead the US by the nose in support of its national interests -- even when they conflict with the US'. this is indeed a feat to be viewed in awe and wonder -- which in every respect is superior to the US' shock and awe.

the US is a bull-headed monster that is in thrall to moneyed interests that own politicians and fund their political campaigns, and the israeli lobby is particularly effective at manipulating the "democratic process" in such a way as to ensure that the relationship between the two nations is seen as the tail wagging the dog. while the arab street rocks the old order which took orders from washington and tel aviv, and threatens prospects for continuing US hegemony over the region, it is on the other hand being forced by its "little buddy" into an increasingly untenable position as a big, strong but stupid tool of its more clever and manipulative friend.

obama did indeed show a small amount of courage in crossing up netanyahu at the very moment when he intended to sashay into DC for AIPAC convention this weekend -- it was a bit of a payback for the humiliation suffered last year during the biden visit. it was a bit of political theater to be viewed with some relish, for being the most exceptionally rare instance of an american politican standing athwart the dictates of the israelis.

it will not amount to much of anything, however. the united states, when obama addresses AIPAC this weekend, will reiterate its unyielding commitment to the zionist expansionist regime, as well as its unhesitating willingness to provide the muscle behind israeli threats to iran. there will be talk about our shared ideals -- which will of course be true (although not the ideals we publicly acknowledge!), as well as our mutual and deep commitment to the peace process. at the same time, the US' will support without limit the zionists' "security" -- which is shorthand for shameless bullying of the inhabitants of the occupied territories in contravention of all international law and covenants. in short, business as usual will continue uninterrupted.

so what is this all about? pure BS. its nothing but a dust-up, a bit of diplomatic foreplay before the consummation of real screwing of the victims of imperial aggression -- both in palestine and around the world. it's vomitable, and its stands to reason that people around the world can no longer stand -- or stand for -- such egregious BS any more.

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