Wednesday, May 25, 2011

shit a brick, build a mansion... only in the USA!

we just barely escaped the rupture last weekend, and now what other challenges confront the might empire of wretched excess? the daily headlines point the way to our own eventual dissolution...

did you see the one about obama's jewish backers getting the cold feet after his speech of the middle east last week? he made reference to "1967 borders," the ones that israel ripped all to shit when it took over gaza, west bank, jerusalem -- and holds, contrary to international law, to this day.

it seems kind of a conundrum, that the jewish state wants to be secure within internationally recognized borders, but doesn't want to be held to international law. now, what's up with that? hell, if we want to be real about it, what's wrong with the 1948 borders, and the whole partition of palestine deal that the UN supposedly decided upon at the time? why isn't that the basis of any negotiated solution?

well, as netan-fuckin'-yahoo put it in his response to obama's speech, those borders are "indefensible." everything, of course, is premised on conflict and confrontation -- even though it seems oddly enough to be the israelis themselves who do most of the destroying and killing of anyone who stands in the way of the gradual absorption of the whole of "greater israel."

of course, to the impartial observer, the israelis are quite transparently not interested in negotiations leading to a resolution of all outstanding issues. in the dream world we inhabit, there are "facts on the ground" and then there are facts to be ground into the dust. conflicts are reduced to their most sublimely ridiculous basics by relentless public relations manipulations, until there is no reality but the manufactured one on TV. whatever the issue is, it gets sliced and diced and dissected and reassembled into something unrecognizable, before the story is retold in a more salacious and delicious, easy-to-swallow, sugar-coated, maggotty mess.

in the new, improved skrewtopia in the middle east, the palestinian people don't even really exist, exist as pests to be removed like fleas from your pet -- something to be managed and eliminated. memories of the palestinian people are ground into the dust, and replaced by the jewish settlements in the west bank that constitute "facts on the ground" that are irrevocable and non-negotiable. to claim, as the highly paid mouthpieces in the official media do, that there is some actual, good-faith negotiations, with some outcome besides the inevitable march of facts on the ground and the eventual disappearance of the palestinian people to some hitherto undisclosed location.

if obama and the rest of the political establishment weren't so craven and ethically weak, they might just let events in the middle east sort themselves out. the hell with this "special" relationship between the US and israel. what is that all about? there's a totally lopsided, against-the-national interest tilt of this country towards the zionist experiment in historical palestine, that exists primarily because of the political muscle of the pro-israel lobby and its sympathizers on the neo-con and christian right. if we took the slimy money out of the political equation, how much real sentiment exists to preserve this "jewish state" at all costs? and yet, the US government, since it's politicians are on the hook to the zionist lobby to heap funding on their pathetic and self-serving campaigns, is in a tail-wags-the-dog relationship with this boat anchor around its neck called israel.

arabs, muslims, palestinians -- i'm not especially partisan about them or their causes. likewise with the jews and the zionists. why is their conflict my problem, except that the US has proved to be the enabler for the israelis' crimes against the palestinians -- who were a simple, rural people far removed from the cultural and historical conflicts of europe and christians vs jews. by all accounts, there is no ancient blood feud between muslims and jews -- the way the current narrative has been constructed to explain the current conflict as deeply rooted in the history of the region. nope, we have brought the palestinians kicking and screaming into a different conflict of which they were never a party -- and now we expect them to suck it in and get the fuck out of the way while refugees from colonialist europe decided to invade and take over their land.

fuck obama, fuck netanyahu, to hell with all this gamesmanship where a foreign leader gets more respect from the US congress than a sitting president. who ever said partisanship ends at the water's edge, in respect to the nation's foreign policy, would be forced to amend his statement to reflect the new reality of twisted and absurd policies that guide this great, bankrupt wonderland of over-the-top self-contradiction and hypocrisy. be honest, you whores, and admit you have no love for israel or the jewish people, that you just love them and serve them as long as they have the checkbook out and are willing to string your worthless and craven asses along.

money greases the skid of this relationship, and as long as its based strictly on a quid pro quo of political donations in exchange for protection, then it ought to be obvious to those on the jewish side of the argument that this is a pretty flimsy and unreliable way to ensure the long-term viability of the zionist experiment. as soon as the money runs out on the one side, or the protector is unable to protect on the other, then the devil's bargain the props up and sustains the status quo goes down with the relationship, built on matchsticks as it is. the chinese, of course, have been more than willing to pay israel for US military secrets, selling out its biggest benefactor in a cynical ploy of playing both ends against the middle, but as a long-term strategy for survival, the jewish lobby can't buy the chinese communist party, inc., and play beijing the way it plays DC. when the worldwide balance of power shifts eastward, don't bank on there being a "special relationship" to protect a state that's existence merely antagonizes the states with the petroleum reserves that china covets.

it's always seemed clear that the arabs have more patience than we do in the west. the modern consumer culture has done nothing but accelerate the tendency of easy come, easy go. this applies not only for the latest gadget, but for friends and alliances as well. we'll go with the flow, and be your fair-weather friends until it's no longer expedient, at which time we'll move on to our next infatuation.

someday, long after obama and netanyahu have long ago passed from the scene, the remaining holdouts in israel will huddle around their nuclear arsenal and wonder what the fuck they do next. i'm glad i won't be around to see what they decide, but i can promise you it won't be pretty.

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