Wednesday, May 4, 2011

osama: bird in a golden cage

at first the story of the great showdown at the okey-doke corral was that the coward bin laden held his pursuers at bay by hiding behind a woman, using her as a "human shield" (which is US-speak for not letting us get a clear shot without a lot of ugly "collateral damage").

later, it was admitted that osama didn't hide behind a woman after all -- that it was a shootout and he lost.

THEN, in a kind of "by the way" clarification, the white house admitted that bin laden didn't actually go down fighting at all. as he stumbled out of bed, he was greeted by the brave commandos of the US mercenary forces, who promptly shot him to pieces -- with what's called "extreme prejudice".

there's been a bit of controversy over this turn of events. when it asked whether the suspect (victim? sitting duck?) had been offered an opportunity to give himself up, there was the not-too-surprising prevarication, until the US government offered as how the troopers were not to accept surrender if there was the slightest chance that bin laden might be hiding a bomb under his garments.

think about it: you storm the guy's sanctuary, which is behind 20-foot walls and laid out for all intents as a fortress -- to not only keep intruders out, but also to keep the guest of honor in. and instead of him coming out at the troops with both barrels blazing, he's unarmed and not expecting any visitors...

then you blow his fucking head off, because he could have a bomb under his pajamas.

what kind of shit is this? and then the US government tops it off by rushing to televise the historic announcement, topping it off with a "god bless america" cherry on top.

if you've ever wondered what america these days is all about, this pretty much sums it up: cheap theatrics, shown off for the sake of a quick bump in the polls for beleagured politicos steering our teetering economy into the rocks.

this is such a grisly, repulsive tale, and every detail makes it more difficult to fathom the utter depravity of the US government. not only did storm troopers swoop in and gun down an unarmed man, but then like a bunch of gangsters, they snatched up the body and threw it into the ocean... according to muslim tradition? don't count on that, and today obama has finally decided there will be no photo of the body released. with the penchant of US troops for taking body parts as souvenirs of their exploits, who can imagine what was left of osama's remains when they got through with him?

finally, the icing on the cake was today's declaration by the US attorney general, eric holder, that everything  about the "operation" is on the up-and-up -- all completely kosher, according to international law... this from the same guy who hasn't yet found any wrongdoing by the financial wizards on wall street that damn near crashed the world economy, and whose boss decided that not only were no crimes committed by the previous administration -- but that their example for adherence to international law was in fact worthy of emulation!

i suppose i won't shed any tears for osama bin laden. he lived his life and did what he did, and probably had no regrets -- and probably expected to be taken out eventually anyway. one pictures him, however, as a bird in a proverbial golden cage over in pakistan -- kept on ice by the ISI (and probably the CIA, if truth be told) until it was finally decided the expedient thing to do now, for other reasons besides obama's "justice" canard. was to snuff out evil incarnate, in the form of an especially notorious canary.

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