Friday, July 20, 2012

Pentagon says whatever is convenient today

The US government isn't above a little lying from time to time, particularly when it advances the government's parochial interests. As such, the recent bus bombing of Israelis in Bulgaria gives the Pentagon an opportunity to implicate Hezbollah in Lebanon in the act:
Pentagon says Bulgaria bomb smacks of Hezbollah | Reuters: "(Reuters) - A suicide bombing that killed Israeli tourists in Bulgaria this week bore hallmarks of Iranian-backed Hezbollah militants but the U.S. Defense Department has not yet concluded who was behind it, a Pentagon spokesman said on Friday.
The attack on a bus carrying Israelis at a Bulgarian airport, "does bear the hallmarks of Hezbollah," George Little, the Pentagon press secretary, told reporters."
It bears remembering that the US currently keeps on the payroll an anti-Iranian group, the MEK, which is at the same time on the State Department's list of terrorist organizations. When Iranian nuclear scientists are murdered, who would be up to that, besides the MEK (as proxy to the US and Israel)?

While the facts of the Bulgarian incident are still unknown, that doesn't prevent the US government from creating a story to advance its own interests and agenda in the region. Hezbollah, which is not known for being an international organization, is still a handy scapegoat. Even if the bombing turns out to be a false flag operation.

If and when the facts ARE known, the war that's coming will be well underway, and who then will care about such a small matter as a bus bombing? Compared with WWIII, it'll be a drop in the bucket...

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