Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rampaging Dick is afraid of Iran

Mr. Drizzle Dick himself, the eminent fraud and purveyor of false incitements to war, now concedes that he's having a small bout of paranoia over Iran's "nukes".

Cheney: Obama has not acted to stop Iran nukes - CBS News: "(CBS News) NEW YORK - Former Vice President Dick Cheney said today he feared Iran was expanding its influence in the Persian Gulf region at the same time that the United States is withdrawing forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and said he has not seen the Obama administration do anything to stop Tehran from building a nuclear weapon.
He also expressed concern that negotiations to retain some U.S. troops in Iraq as security for Americans working there were abandoned."

Somebody ought to tell the tiresome old son of a bitch that there's only one problem with his problem: the Iranians don't have any nukes. They may have the nookie, but they haven't got the nookies... For that, we'd suggest that Uncle Dick check with his soul mate Benyamin Netanyahu, every warmonger's best friend.

Obama may be stupid, but he's not dumb. He knows that Uncle Dick and his crew walked the US into a ultimately self-defeating fight in Iraq, where we're now heading out with our heads held high -- just to be sure we don't bump our heads on the way out... The Iranians came out stronger when Dick and the gang disposed of their #1 mortal enemy, Saddam. Now the Saudis are in a tizzy over the rest of the Shiite Muslims, who happen to exist in great numbers in their oil heartlands -- and that threatens their autocratic monarchy.

Obama has to deal with a very bad hand, just as he has on a variety of subjects, including the economic collapse. Wherever there's the stench of failure and disintegration, you won't find Dick Cheney far from the wreckage.

Now drumming for new war in places like Syria and Iran, Dick has nothing to lose but his sponsors in the corporate oligarchy still have an opportunity for additional rapine and plunder -- both at home and abroad.

So the sound you hear is the pounding of Iranian infrastructure by the US and Israel, as they gear up for a war they so assiduously courted, but won't be able to control once it starts. Let this terminally disgusting old turd have his say.

There'll come a day when even the mention of his name will provoke anything from mild illness to a heart attack in the general population.

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