Tuesday, July 21, 2015


The Mekons full throttle
Jon Langford and Eric Bellis

Mekons tour, 2015

Photos from Harrisburg, PA and Rehoboth Beach, DE engagements

The Mekons last toured the US in 2011, and returned for a very brief tour this summer in tandem with the release of Joe Angio's Revenge of the Mekons feature-length documentary. As is my custom, whenever the band is close enough to make the trip, I decided to drive from Richmond, VA to the shows closest to me: Harrisburg, PA and Rehoboth Beach, DE.

I believe these were the eighth and ninth shows of the tour, and it was obvious that it took little time for the Mekons to hit their stride. I discovered the band sometime in the late 1980s, about the time of the So Good It Hurts disc, by which time three of the band's milestone releases had already won them wide critical acclaim, if not a mass audience.

The band has soldiered on in the ensuing years, always advancing their art while staying true to the legacy they created as first-wave punks and alt-country pioneers. And their live shows have, if anything, stayed as raucous and vital as they always were.

/Tom Greenhalgh and Sally Timms
This is my third turn photographing the band, starting back in 2007. The 2011 show pics are further down in the blog, just for the sake of historical comparison...

The Mekons are:

Jon Langford, vocals, guitar
Tom Greenhalgh, vocals, guitar
Sally Timms, vocals
Eric Bellis, accordion, vocals
Lu Edmonds, saz
Susie Honeyman, violin
Steve Goulding, drums
Dave Trumfio, bass guitar

The entire show galleries are found here:

Jon Langford

Susie Honeyman

Lu Edmonds

Eric Bellis

Rehoboth Beach:

Dogfish Head Brewpub, Rehoboth Beach

Dave Trumfio

Steve Goulding

Lu Edmonds

Susie Honeyman

Tom Greenhalgh

Sally Timms

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