Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Experts: Photos of U.S. soldiers handling corpses very bad for war

Talk about missing the point entirely, what do these supposed experts know about anything?
Experts: Photos of U.S. soldiers handling corpses very bad for war - "(CNN) -- On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times published photos of U.S. soldiers posing with what the paper said were bodies of insurgents in Afghanistan.
The images are just the latest in a string of scandals that some say could damage U.S. efforts in the war, which is in its 11th year."
It isn't the scandals involving the abuse of corpses that is very bad. Perhaps from a PR perspective it's a missed opportunity for the red, white and blue to get its message out.

From a human, humane perspective, the entire enterprise the US finds itself engaged in in the energy heartlands of the planet -- the naked opportunism of imperial conquest -- is despicable and deplorable and degenerate. The US is killing dark-skinned people by the hundreds of thousands in the name of corporate profits, it this rates nary a raised eyebrow from the self-appointed experts in the "intelligence" community and the paid-for corporate media.

US troops abuse the corpses of their adversaries in these wars of choice because they're amoral degenerates who make war as a way to cope with the financial demands of the USA lifestyle. Soldiers of fortune doesn't quite fit for these mercenaries of necessity, but the fact of their financial distress doesn't dignify their sordid mission.

With this kind of press coverage, of course, we'll never put right the sickness that is on display -- both in the far-off battlefields of the "war on terror" and the streets of the US -- where these empathy-depleted and broken-minded veterans will eventually bring their terror back to the callous streets of the homeland.

It will be then that we will face the stark reality of the horrors that we've created and unleashed on the world. Otherwise, we'll continue to borrow and spend in a vicious circle of conspicuous self-destruction.

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