Monday, March 12, 2012

Poll: Most Americans love war

In spite of the absence of evidence that Iran is attempting to acquire nuclear weapons, and the declaration by the secretary of defense a few weeks ago that US intelligence agencies have determined that Iran is not attempting to acquire a nuclear weapon, most Americans are ready to go to war simply because they're being egged on by the media:
Poll: Most support U.S. military action to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons - Political Hotsheet - CBS News: "(CBS News) Amid continued speculation that Israel may be considering an attack on Iran, a majority of Americans say they would favor using U.S. military action against Iran to prevent the country from acquiring nuclear weapons, according to a new CBS News/New York Times poll."
This poll will become additional fodder in the case being built for war. Iran's nuclear program -- which under international inspection has been declared to be in compliance with its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty -- has rhetorically morphed into Iran's nuclear weapons program in the steady diet of news reports our recumbent citizens consume.

It's no wonder they're ready to give their assent for war. Now, let's move on the the important questions, like how accurate was the Sarah Palin biopic "Game Change"?

It's interesting how, at the same time the US citizenry is being whipped into a patriotic and belligerent frenzy, they admit their most pressing personal concern is the rapidly rising price of gasoline, which is key to the US suburban and exurban lifestyle, with it's nominal 50-mile daily commutes in a 16-seat SUV.

While the Muslim Socialist Obama pleads against "loose talk of war" for its negatory effect on fuel prices, he's between a rock and Bibi Netanyahu's boot on his balls in this upcoming kinetic military operation against Iran -- no able politically to say no, yet not willing to sink his presidency by saying yes.

He is the classic indecisive clown caught in a situation over which he is not man enough to prevail -- and thus he waffles and shuffles, hemming and hawing and equivocating -- the same political strategy that has carried him to his current lofty position, and from which the true magnitude of his incompetence is in plain view for the world to deride.

He is, in a nutshell, the very essence of the US conundrum: a weak, vacillating leader bereft of leadership skills, and who struts and saunters about the world stage like the dilettante he is, privileged without any redeeming characteristics, and trying to play off his lack of substance with vacuous pronouncements backed up by irrationality and bellicosity in the name of higher profits for bankers.

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